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Github Actions Matrix Badger!

This project's aim is to give all repositories tested by Github Actions a way to show the full build status.

Especially it is useful when tests are running under a "matrix" combinations.

Here is an example of such workflow matrix:

    - ubuntu-latest
    - macos-latest
    - quicklisp
    - ultralisp
    - sbcl-bin
    - ccl-bin
    - ecl

Enter the URL of a project to render it's action's matrix:


Insert this code to README



reStructured Text

.. image::


<a href="">
  <img src=""/>

Selecting a subset of the matrix

You can use only parameter to select a subset of workflows and jobs. It should be a comma-separated list of paths, where each path consist of a workflow name, job name and job parameters, separated with dots

For example if the full matrix is:

Then you might want to show only the linter and docs badge. Add this code to SVG URL:


Here ci and docs are names of workflows, and linter is a job's name inside the ci workflow.

All other runs will be filtered and you'll smaller badge:

Also, you might filter runs further providing values for matrix parameters.

For example, if we want to render only a single plate for tests running under Ubuntu OS, and Ultralisp distribution, then we can add ? to the URL and result will be: